Balinsasayao – Twin Lakes

Dumaguete is a very nice place, to spend your vacaions on a small Budget. But after a while you may get fed up by the thick air and the noisy trycicles. In this case I recomment you to visit the Balinsasayao Twinlakes in the mountians above Sibulan.

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To get there you’ll need a motorcycle and some exprience to ride it, since the road is only partially asphalted. You can find a decent motorcycle rental right in the middle of Dumaguete [Google Map’s]. They ask 300 PHP rent for 24 hours, which is about 6.85 $.

Shortly afer Sibulan, you’ll find a brown sign dirceting to the Twinlakes. Just follow the street untill you meet a little house laterally of a barrier. They’ll ask you 100 PHP entrance fee, if you dont have a philippine passport. Otherwise you pay only 20 PHP. Just behind the small house, you find an amazing wetland with some trees growing in the water.

If you continue the street, you’ll arrive at the restaurant where you have an magnificant view over the lake and some small picknick huts.

The nice lady at the counter told us about the oolong falls and also sold us a boatride for 250 PHP an hour, since the oolong falls are only accesable by paddling over the lake. The 250 PHP including 2 guides / paddlers and some life jackets. The boat is good for up to 12 persons.

Because of the headwind, we had a hard time to go over the lake. It took us about 40 minutes. from there its only a 5 minutes Walk to the Olayan Falls.

The falls itself are moderately exciting. But a swim in the cold water is quite refreshing after the paddling exhaustion.

on the way back it started to rain heavily and we arrived soaking wet at our point of departure. In this case, even instant soup is a delicius meal.

If you’re looking for more real food, you can visit restaurant Azela on the way down. The food was good and the view over Dumaguete and the Ocean is incredible.


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