Mt. Talinis – Top of the Cuernos de Negros

Talinis is with 1903 meters above sea level the second higest mountian of the Philippine island Negros Oriental, right after the 2435 m high Mt. Kanlaon. Talinis is located in the western mountians of Dumaguete also called „Cuernos de Negros“ (Horns of Negros),

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surrounded by three crater lakes. Going up that mountian, is definitly not a usual tourist activity and should only be done in accompaniment of a guide. Also people who are not sure-footed, afraid of insects, claustrophobic or don’t want to get dirty, should not go this trail. You’ll additionally need some appropiate equippment and good endurance to arrive savley at the top.

Mainly the jungle rules this area and sometimes only small trails testify for human interference. Thats why you’ll get lost for sure, if you up there the first time without experienced guidiance. Sometimes the continuation of the right trail is hidden or counter intuitive to follow.

Hiring a guide for 2 days, will cost you about 3000 PHP and additional equipment like tent and sleepingbag another 1000 PHP. In total I paid 4000 PHP (91,25 $). My guide was Migo Partosa, who was provided by the outdoorshop Island Life close to the boulevard of Dumaguete. If you also need a Guide, you can contact Migo over Facebook.

We startet early in the morning on friday 18.07.2014 in direction to Casororo Falls. Against all fears, the weather was quite promising and we startet happily our tour after 15 minutes of motorcycle riding. The starting point is beneath the enterance to Casororo Falls. Just go straight up the trail and you’ll arrive at a wonderfull viewing deck after some minutes of walking. Last time you’ll be able to see Dumaguete for a long time.

Straight on we countinue, since the main efforts are yet to be done and one hour later my forehead is already dripping sweat like a watering can. The heat and the slope noticeably giving my body a hard time. Thank god, after one hour the slope and the climate get much more moderate, giving my body a better chance to recover. Shortly before the river, the trail goes downhill very steep and we have to watch our steps carefully.

At the river i can refill my water bottles with clear cool water, bevor we continue to the next path.

The next checkpoint is the house of the water guard of Valencia. The black pipes, that up to now where crossing the trail quite often, ending here and you can check the quality of the water by yourself.

Every visitor hast to sign in the register of the waterguard in order to be allowed to continue. Since the guard doesn’t speak a word of english, my guide had to take over the full conversation.


If there is time, you should visit the Twinfalls located a bit upstream. The water for the whole city of Valencia gets derived from these two gigantic falls.

At the Twinfalls you have managed almost half the way up to Talinis and you will get to the last piece of civilization called Rancho after 30 Minutes. Rancho is a little house on a big mountain ridge, with some small fields around.

The next meters you will find yourself fighting brushwood along a small path until you get to the “Kaipuhan Sulphur Vents”.

The “Kaipuhan Sulphur Vents” are bubbling sulfur sources surounded by a small riverbed and dead trees. Right at the source the smell is almost intolerable but a little bit more upstream, a cool breeze is cleaning the air. We decided to take a break right here, before we engage the hardest part of the tour. 450 meters rise in front of us, waiting to be defeated. The slippery ground and the overgrown trail doesn’t make that task an easy one. But the wonderful scene of the jungle makes up for all the efforts.

After 2 hours a big stone gives you the opportunity to see the valley of the little ranch and the sourrounding mountians.

As we are almost up the mountian, it started to rain a bit and our sweat got exchanged with water. But at that point i didn’t really care about that anymore, i was just happy when i got over the edge of the mountainside. A bit further you can already see Lake Mabilog, the smallest lake of the 3 crater lakes. The surrounding is so thick, that I’m not even sure if you can reach to the water.

When your able to see Lake Mabilog, youre almost at the campingside of Lake Nailig. But the last minutes get more and more adventurous through fallen trees and increasing wildlife.

If you make it 😉 the beautiful scene of Lake Nailig will show up suprisingly fast, after jumping out of the Jungle.

Unfortunately the sky was still cloudy like its going to rain again every second. We pitched our tents fast and waited for the sky to clear, but we had no luck.

Also the next day, the mountian top of Talinis was covered in thick fog and i had to postpone my the „mountain-top foot shooting“ for the next time .

The night was windy but not necessarily cold. Only the various noises stole my sleep from time to time.

The way back down is much easier than I thought. Even if some parts are quite steep and therefore challengeing, you can alsways hold on to a tree, roots or other kind of wood to get down fast. Shortly before the end, it started to rain again and this time for real. But we didn’t care about it anymore.

Dirty, sokaing wet but satisfied, we arrived back at our starting point.


The hardest time for trekking is from June to September, since it’s raining all the time. Best time is from February until May. Don’t do it without a guide, you’ll get lost for sure. For me it was really fun to engange into the Jungle and i cant wait to make such an amazing experience again.


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  1. Elal Lasola Februar 25, 2016 at 8:21 am #

    I have lived for 20 years in Negros, started traveling around my country when I worked in Manila, but never had a chance to climb our very own Mt Talinis. Such beauty I would promise to see.

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