Takao-san in Tokio, Japan

This tour took place at the 02.02.2013 and was briefly before my return to Europe. It’s good for everyone, who wants to take a break from the all day Tokyo insanity of overfilled subways and never resting nightlife.

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まだ 準備 中。 御免 なさい!

With the Keio-Takao-Line you can get from central Tokyo to the starting point in about 40 min. Exit the train at „Takao-San“ station and follow the signs until you reach the cable railway. For rountrip they charge 900 yen. At the upper station, a fresh breeze and a great view over Tokyio is already waiting for you. In february the landscape is still a bit colorless and the temperature can be quite wintry.

To reach the viewing deck, where you also can admire japans higest montian „Fuji-San“, you’ll walk about an hour, if you skip all the culinary specials and the mysterius goblin statues. Otherwise you’ll need at least 2 hours. First thing to see, are the endless wood panels with written charms on the way up to the temple.

Some practicing monks actually still live in the temple complex. But nowdays their job became more likley to tourist guiding than meditation.

The Tengu statues are very interesting, since their appereance obivously is influenced by very not asian people. The long noses, the casket at the head, the long beard and the scrolls calles „Tora no Maki“ leads to some suprising conclusions.

A little bit further up the way, you will already see the last viewing deck, which also represents the top of „Takao-San“. Here you can see mount Fuji very far away and only if the weather is clear. In my case it was quite foggy but clear enough to make some pictures.

Despite moderate efforts, i was quite hungry and curious to try the traditional Takao-San soup. This one definitly got into my top 5 of best foods ever.

I can recomment this tour, if you plan an relaxed walk in nature. The ways and the facillities are highly developed and designed for families and kids. For real trekking you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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